Sonoko Suzuki

鈴木園子, Serena Sebastian, Deduction Queen
Sonoko is Ran Mouris best friend and is the girlfriend of Makoto Kyogoku with whom she currently is in a longdistance relationship. Conan Edogawa sometimes has to knock her out with his stun gun watch to use her as his mouthpiece. Because of this Sonoko has claimed to be a great high school detective in her own right Deduction Queen Sonoko. Sonoko Suzuki is the second daughter of Shiro Suzuki head of the extremely wealthy family and large company second only to Renya Karasuma and his wife Tomoko. She has an older sister Ayako and an uncle Jirokichi who is often involved in trying to capture Kaitou Kid. She and Ran have been close friends since kindergarten. Her primary character traits are her impulsiveness her temper and sense for romanticism. She often acts without thinking ahead thereby usually dragging Ran and by extension Conan into her schemes or firing her mouth away with wild tales. Often she acts very insensitively to others feelings while she encourages Ran to take her relationship with Shinichi to a higher level she just as much enjoys teasing her best friend and beholding her embarrassment. Despite coming from a very wealthy family and fully enjoying such a pampered lifestyle Sonoko surprisingly humble about it. Never trying to buy popularity and friends or bride her way to get what she wants Sonoko appreciates getting things that matter and for the right reasons. At the series start Sonokos primary interest was in boys and in trying to snag the perfect boy. She often tried multiple avenues to attract a boyfriend including dressing up specifically to attract a boy making a boy chocolates trying to impress a boy while wearing a bikini or going to various events that young guys were going to attend. Whenever Rans company diverts the attention of Sonokos target Sonoko feels jealous and disappointed although this has never affected their friendship. However this changed when Sonoko met and began dating Makoto. Although Sonoko is still easily attracted to other men she is loyal to Makoto and tries to act the way she thinks a girlfriend should including making him gifts and planning romantic rendezvous. Conan has had to use Sonoko sometimes when he needs to do a deduction show. At first he struggled to mimic Sonokos mannerisms and feminine speech patterns but now he is better at it. However because he has had to use Sonoko so often for a deduction she like Kogoro Mouri has completely bought into her whole sleeping person calling herself the best detective in Teitan High School and a Deduction Queen. This makes Conan sometimes regret using her to solve a case though he does admire her courage in certain situations. Sonoko is sometimes able to solve little things on her own and can figure things out when she is provided some assistance by Conan such as when Conan was sick and had to communicate to Sonoko Kogoro and Yamamura in charades and sign language. Like many other people Sonoko is a big fan of the Kaitou Kid due to his style charm and daring exploits. She keeps cheering him on in trying to steal something even when that something is a rare treasure of the Suzuki family. She wishes to meet Kid up close and have it develop into something more and sometimes almost gets her wish but is very disappointed at the ultimate failure. Source: Detective Conan World