Kengo Mizumachi

水町 健吾
Position: Tackle/Defensive End Jersey Number: 71 The third tallest player on the team and a natural athlete. Was on the swimming team but quit due to the lack of challenge. Plays on the line and uses his height and speed from a swimmers start to great advantage. He has a bad habit of saying inappropriate and insensitive remarks. He is also known to strip down to his boxers in front of people and seems to hate football equipment saying that Its too heavy I cant move properly. Apparently modesty is not an issue. Initially he looks down no pun intended on Komusubi of the Deimon team due to how short he is but learns there is a lot of strength in Komusubis small frame and was defeated by him at the end of the game. Also Mizumachi seems to understand Powerfulgo the true language of truly strong men as he responded positively to Komusubis postgame grunt of HOT. He also likes swimming and spying on the females half of the bathhouse when the Kyoshin team relaxes stating that The only thing to do when you go to a public bathhouse is to swim or peek right? Source: Wikipedia