Frey is Freyjas older brother. He was brought to Earth to aid Heimdall in the destruction of Loki but quickly drops that mission to search for Freyja once he realizes she is there too. Somewhere along the line he decides to get Lokis attention by becoming a master jewel thief the natural enemy of any great detective. Impulsive and quixotic Frey seems to think of everything in terms of Romantic clicheacute dramatic stereotypes and absurd non sequiturs. His primary agenda is to find Freyja or at least ensure that Loki isnt corrupting her. However in the course of his plans Frey runs into Mayura falls in love at first sight and renames her Yamato Nadeshiko a name for the prototypical ideal woman a sort of Japanese Dulcinea and in the English anime his quotClassic Japanese Beauty.quot