Randy Maclean

ランディ=リョウ=マクレーン, Ryo
A halfJapanese officer with light chestnut hair Dees partner. A shy and sensitive man he lost both parents at the age of eighteen. While he seems to be a little out of it he is very mature and his attention comes into play when it counts. He takes in the young Bikky to live with him early on in the story and of course he needs every ounce of smarts to keep the boy out of trouble. Often he tries to deflect Dees advances but to little effect. Ryo is unsure of what he really wants but seems to care a lot about his partner nonetheless. He is uncomfortable with being constantly called by his Japanese name since this implies a certain degree of intimacy and he is a very private man. However as Dee imposes this name upon him others begin to adopt it and gradually he is forced to be more open. Highly suggestible Ryo ponders frequently over the advice given to him by others and at times he questions his own view of himself which tends to make him depressed. Ryo loves children and tries to surround himself with warmth and affection. He is very compassionate cares little for money but saves conscientiously and likes flowers. He has a strong idea of how he wants things to be but Dee tends to spoil these plans with his casual attitude to tidiness and his confusing behaviour. Whilst Ryo comes across to those who dont know him as friendly and shy at times the control he has over his actions is broken by Bikky or Dee exposing a more violent side. This appears to upset him on occasion and may be part of the reason that Dee makes him uneasy. Source: Wikipedia