Straight Cougar

Straight Cougar age 21 first appearing in Episode 2 is a laid back member of HOLY and does not seem to think twice about breaking the rules. His philosophy on life: the faster you do one thing the more time you have for the next thing. He is usually found carrying around a book he never seems to have time to finish. He has problems remembering names especially Mimori Kiryus and Kazumas tending to call Kazuma Kazuya and Mimori Minori. In the anime version Cougar holds romantic feelings for Mimori. He also knew Kazuma as a child and was the originator of the Bullet moves Shocking First Bullet and so on that Kazuma originally used only he calls the last bullet RapidKill Final Bullet instead of Exterminating Last Bullet. He and Kazuma had a brotherly relationship. Although they often refer to each other as brothers there is no concrete information to show that they are actually related. In the manga he is known as Cougar Straight and was Kazumas mentor which is why they both have nearidentical attacks like Shocking First Bullet. Straight Cougar is the fastest alter user on the planet and isnt afraid to show it. Using his alter Radical Good Speed he can transform any vehicle into a fast moving object shrinking the world by doing things as fast as possible. He can also increase his speed alone without any vehicle by encasing armor to his shins and feet Radical Good Speed Wheels Unlimited. He is one of the most powerful alter users capable of highspeed fighting and can even use his alter power to upgrade his armor to completely cover his body as well. Source: Wikipedia