Kahoko Hino

日野香穂子, Kaho-chan
Birthday:Feb 27
Blood Type:AB
Horoscope: Pisces Height: 162cm 5 feet 3 inches Weight : 47kg Family: Mother Older Sister Older Brother School: Seiso Academy Second Year Regular Department Class 2 22 Instrument: Violin Shes a kind and considerate person who isnt afraid to put others feelings before her own. Shes a second year in the Regular Department at Seisho Academy. Before she met Lili she had never played an instrument. She is one of the few people who can see Lili and because of that she was chosen to participate. Since meeting Lili her whole worlds been turned upside down. She now is a participant in the concours which at first she was really hesitant to participate. Because shes a normal student many people in the music department werent too fond of her participating at first. It was only after the 2nd Selection that everyone was beginning to notice her talent despite placing last in the 1st Selection.