Kazuki Hihara

Birthday:Dec 12
Blood Type:B
Birthday: December 12 Horoscope: Sagittarius Height: 178cm 5 feet 8 inches Family: Mother father and older brother School: Seiso Academy Grade: Third Year Music Department Class B 3B Instrument: Trumpet Kazuki is an energetic third year who plays the trumpet. He is tall and in shape he runs every morning. Hes very friendly in an almost aggressive way and outgoing. He has little sense of social boundary. Kazuki has an enormous appetite as he is constantly eating especially baked goods. He quickly befriends Kahoko. Because of him Kahoko learned the true meaning of music that it is enjoyed by everyone. After that Kahoko began to love and enjoy music better. In the middle of the serieshe starts to call Kahoko Kahochan instead of the usual Hinochan thus suggesting he has a rather obvious crush on her. He also admits to Azuma that he has a crush on Kahoko saying dont make fun of me when he asked. Basketball is one of his favorite sports. He has an older brother named Haruki in the series Episode 15. For him the music competition is just another way to enjoy music in a happy way. His dream was to pamper his girlfriend because like he said thats a mans romance Initially he had only wanted to enjoy the competition like a festival until he met Hino Kahoko. Originally Hihara acted the role of a supportive senpai until he realised this kouhai had taught him many things instead. For the first time Hihara had wanted to win and most of all troubled with the true feeling inside Hino Kahoko. Source: Wikipedia