Shouko Fuyuumi

冬海 笙子
Birthday: November 3 Horoscope: Scorpio Height: 158cm 5 feet 2 inches Weight: 44kg Blood Type: A Family: Father and Mother School: Seiso Academy First Year Music Department Class B 1B Instrument: Clarinet The only other female competitor from the school Shouko plays the clarinet and is also shown to play a little piano from Episode 26. Shouko is a first year at Seisou a small slim and extremely shy girl. She is very hesitant and easily intimidated. During the training camp her vacation house was used indicating she comes from a very wealthy family. She looks up to Kahoko as a role model and wants to be like her. She and Kahoko are good friends Shouko even calls her Kahosenpai later in the series. Source: Wikipedia