Hiroto Kanazawa

金澤 紘人, Kanayan

First Name: Hiroto Last Name: Kanazawa Japanese Way: Kanazawa Hiroto Name (in Kanji): 金澤 紘 人 Birthday: March 3 Horoscope: Pisces Height: 183cm (6 feet) Blood Type: A Family: Father and mother, younger sister, brother-in-law (younger sister's husband) School: Seiso Academy Occupation: Music Teacher Instrument: None? Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Hideo Ishikawa First Anime Appearance: Episode 1 First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1 • Interests: Cooking, fishing, watching baseball games • Food he likes: ramen The contest coordinator whose lazy demeanor suggests he is avoiding any hassles. He's known for smoking and he's still single at 33 years old.

Despite his lazy persona, he was actually a famous tenor in Europe. When his girlfriend left him he started drinking and smoking which caused damage to his vocal cords. Unable to continue his singing career, he returned to Japan to teach.

(Source: Wikipedia)