輪入道, Baldy
Assistant of Enma Ai who becomes the black straw doll with a red string around its neck the string probably originating as the red scarf he wears in human form. He also frequently takes the form of a burning wheel on Ais coach when she goes to the human world to claim a soul. The coach incidentally bears the same black flamecrest that appears on the chest of those people who contract with the Hell Girl. At all other times Wanyuudou appears as an older man whose eyes remain mostly shut wearing a fishermans hat and fairly oldfashioned Japanese clothing. Despite appearing quite mildmannered at most times Wanyuudou possesses considerable skills in martial arts. Wanyuudous name means A wheel entering the road a reference to the flaming wheel form he most commonly assumes. In episode 12 of Futakomori it is revealed that he is from the Samurai era and had been the driver for a princess entourage and failed to save them with all dying in the process. As a result he became a ykai terrorizing people in the form of a flaming wheel. It is Wanyuudou who first states he and his two colleagues owe Ai a grave debt because she saved them from falling into Hell. Source: Wikipedia