Haruhi Fujioka

藤岡ハルヒ, Haru-chan, Honor Student, Little Piglet, Host Club Dog, Lumpy
Birthday: February 4 Age: 16 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 155cm 51 Blood Type: O Favorite Subjects: Classic Japanese English World History Host club learning time Favourite Foods: Ootoro fancy tuna seafood strawberries candy apples high class food Host Type: Natural Midterm Exam Ranking: 1st year 1st place Sentai color: Red Ranking in Dai Hin Min: 6th Rose color: Red Haruhi Fujioka the main heroine of the story is an intelligent freshman attending the prestigious and expensive Ouran High School. She cut her hair short because of a little boys gum stuck in it but this action caused the Host club to mistake her for guy. However unlike the other students she is from a commoner family and got into Ouran through a scholarship. On her first day at school she accidentally breaks a vase worth 8 million yen belonging to the Host Club. As a result she is forced to work as a host to pay off her debt and does so by disguising herself as a boy. Soon enough she naturally takes to acting as a host to other girls and even finds it enjoyable. However she does not like to take time away from studying and often finds the antics of the other hosts to be annoying. Haruhi lives with her okama cross dressing father. As a result of her mother passing away when she was young Haruhi has become very independent and never lets anyone worry about her. Although seemingly unflappable she has a fear of thunderstorms.