Usel Ramses

ウセル・ラムセス, ラムセス1世, Ramses the First
A military officer from a lowerranking noble family. In the manga he is easily distinguished by his heterochromatic eyes the left one is sepia the right one is golden and blonde hair. He has a lot of sisters most chiefly among them Nefert. His name is sometimes romanized as Usr Ramses. Ramses initially encounters Yuri while on patrol near the EgyptianHittite border awaiting Zannanzas caravan. He is intrigued by Yuris ingenuity and bravery in preventing a war between Egypt and the Hittites following Zannanzas assassination and requests to be assigned to Hattusa as a military liaison. His true motive is revealed when he later kidnaps Yuri. He tells her he has ambitions of becoming the next Egyptian pharaoh by ousting the current corrupt leaders of the Egyptian 18th Dynasty. To do this he needs a woman of his own caliber like Yuri to be his future queen. His first and second attempts to kidnap her are foiled by Kail. A third attempt is successful when a desperate Rusafa seeks his help when Yuri is weakened and in danger of dying after a shipwreck which also causes Yuuri to have a miscarriage. After Rusafa escapes Egypt and informs Kail that Yuri did not die in the shipwreck Kail sends Ilbani Hadi Ryui and Shala to Egypt. By this time Ramses who had initially only wanted Yuri because of his ambitions has truly fallen in love with her. But soon after Kails servants arrive Egyptian soldiers come to arrest Yuri for interfering with an officials attempt to cut off the hand of a child. Ramses goes in her stead to Queen Nefertitis palace. After Yuri rescues him from death at her hands he gives her a document found in Queen Nefertitis palace which concerns Queen Nakias betrayal before she goes back to Kail. Later Ramses and Kail fight to a draw and Ramses accepts defeat and asks Yuri to bear a daughter to marry his son a wish which does not actually come to pass but is finally consumated by their grandchildren Yuri Naptera and Maripas. He later becomes Ramses I first Pharaoh of the Egyptian 19th Dynasty