Katsuyuki Saigo

西郷 勝行
Saig is a large muscular young man who attends the same school as Kshi and the rest of the main cast. He has a very threatening demeanor communicating mostly in grunts and gestures and continuously wears sunglasses. He is the admired leader of a trio of hoodlums from Kshis class and apparently frequently gets into fights. Appearances are deceiving however Saig is quite fond of kittens of which he has several and apparently reads romantic stories for enjoyment. When he first meets Alice Uzuki he defends her against a large group of assassins without any concern for his own safety. Later he takes a hit from Alices guitar string weapon to protect Kshi from harm. He falls deeply in love with Alice and seeks help from Momoko and the other main cast to find a way to deepen their relationship.