Boris Airay

ボリス エレイ, Cheshire Cat
Boris is the counterpart of the Cheshire Cat like the character he is based on Boris loves riddles. He has functional cat ears and a tail several piercings and tattoos and dresses in short exposing outfits with a pink boa and a collar with a chain. Boris works in the Amusement Park District for Mary Gowland. Though he is sly devious character with a childish persona he becomes close to Alice. He is friends with Dee and Dum despite the fact that they work for opposing groups and even goes to Hatter Mansion to have tea parties and interact with Elliot and Blood. Boris has on numerous occasions snuck into the Castle of Hearts. When his luck ran out Alice found him badly wounded and bloody and after a reprimanding from Alice Boris promised to change his careless and ruthless ways for Alices sake. Like many others in the Land of Hearts he also falls in love with Alice. Source: Wikipedia