Izumi Sawatari

Izumi is one of the three girls who get hired by Yoshitaka. While reluctant about working there she has to work for Yoshitaka as she has a huge debt to pay off. Because Yoshitaka is the way he is Izumi repeatedly stamps on him and hands out pay to him. Izumi never uses an honorific suffix san sama kun etc. after Yoshitakas name. While this usually means the speaker is very close the person this could also mean a grave insult. Izumi uses it to show her contempt and her complete lack of respect she has for him. As a result Yoshitaka often places the more difficult and often pointless tasks on Izumi. Izumi was originally going to be the quotnormalquot character of the series but she turned out to show violent tendencies towards Yoshitaka and became the quotdollquot of the household: Everyone including Mitsuki messes with her in some sort of sexual tendency much to Izumis dread. Be it flipping her skirt or attempting to remove her bra Izumi is constantly being harassed. Source: Wikipedia