魏 アユル, Ayuru Gi
Birthday: November 17 Nakago is considered to be the leader of the Seiryuu warriors is the main antagonist of Fushigi Yuugi. His true name is Ayuru Gi born under the star Heart. Nakago is both merciless and charismatic he eliminates those whose usefulness to him is exhausted and skillfully manipulates others into doing as he wishes. Nakagos powers as a Celestial Warrior is shown to be stronger than any of the Suzaku and Seiry warriors having the ability to manipulate chi enabling himself to become psychokinetic fire energy blasts and set up force fields. In battle Nakago also utilizes a whip and sword. As Kutos highest ranking general Nakago commands two thirds of Kutos army. The last of the Hin Tribea people destroyed at the orders of the Emperor of KutoNakago was captured after seeing his mother being raped by Kut soldiers triggered his powers and killed the soldiers and his own mother. With the surviving soldiers recognizing him as a Celestial Warrior Nakago is brought to the Emperor where his natural beauty results in his being sexually abused by the Emperor. As he mastered complete control over his abilities he eventually became a seemingly loyal soldier of Kuto with the Emperor unaware that Nakago has been planning to betray him all his life. Yu Watase notes on several occasions in the chapter notes as well in the second installment of the omake The Tale of the Forbidden Womens Hot Spring from the series 1 OVA as stated by Nakago himself that Nakago is her favourite character.