ジークハルト・シーザー, Element Master, the Guardian of Time, and High Mage
Name: Sieghart Nickname: Element Master the Guardian of Time and High Mage. Weapon: Elements Birthday/Age: All unknown Height: 181 cm/6 feet Weight: 63 kg Blood type: A/B Eyes: Purple Hair: Blue Hometown: Mildean Sieg Hart was an elemental master who has the ability to control the forces of fire earth water poison lightning and to some extent space. He was loosely associated with Demon Card in that it happened to assist his quest to preserve time. According to him the power of Etherion is a direct threat to time itself and after he takes care of 3173 a.k.a. Elie. Sieg is a serious person. He is very adamant about his purpose of protecting the flow of time and will do anything to fulfill that purpose. He lightens up considerably after joining up with Harus group but remains a reserved person. The name means win/victory/triumph Sieg hard Hart in German. Source: