Il Palazzo

Lord Il Palazzo Italian for quotThe Palacequot as he is formally known by his underlings is the leader of ACROSS a secret ideological organisation dedicated to world conquest. Il Palazzo believes that the world has become corrupt and seeks to conquer it to save the ignorant masses from themselves. In fact he often prefaces his orders and speeches by proclaiming quotthe world is corruptquot. A recurring gag during the anime is that despite all his scheming Il Palazzo really has nothing to do while Excel and Hyatt are out on missions: he is often seen pursuing surprisingly ordinary hobbies like learning to play the guitar and arranging domino blocks. These notwithstanding Il Palazzo is no ordinary human being as testify his yellow cateyes and seemingly supernatural powers exhibited in episode 25. However in both the anime and the manga it is clear that Lord Il Palazzo suffers from severe psychological disorders most notably multiple personality disorder. Source: Wikipedia