Yao Yun

堯雲, Gyou’un, Rin Shou Jo's Sword
Status : Age : Late 50s Gender :Male State : Zhao Gyouun was an Instinctual General from the state of Zhao and a former deputy of Rin Shou Jo of the Three Great Heavens. Appearance : Gyouun is a tall man with a long goatee but his most distinct features were his inhuman reptilelike eyes. He wears a helmet ornamented with a snake the same armor he wore back in his days as one of the Rin Familys Ten Heroes under Rin Shou Jos command. Personality : Gyouun is a man who wore the mantle that once symbolizes the might of Zhao when Rin Shou Jo was alive. Opposite to Chou Gar Ryuu who has a calm demeanor Gyouun wore a Grim personality. Despite being a man who doesnt seem to be sociable due to his grim personality he is a caring/considerate individual showing concern for his masters health and for others around him. Source: Kingdom wiki