Kohanamaru Taki

滝虎花丸, Kohamaru, Hanamaru, Kohana, Hana
:::WARNING SPOILERS::: A 14year old boy that recently moved to Tokyo to be with the rest of his family. While on the way there he accidentally bumps into a girl in which they kiss. From that moment the two of them had switched bodies. She later finds him and demands an explanation on what happened to her. She introduces herself as Nanao Higashiyama. Kohanamaru just as shocked as she was didnt know what to tell her. Nanao panics and tells Kohanamaru that she has a date with the boy she likes having no choice Kohanamaru goes on the date. After Kohanamarursquos date left and Nanao feeling depressed on how the date turned out. They sit together watching the sunset when they accidentally kiss allowing them to return to normal. Kohanamaru learns after meeting his family that their family has a special ability. That ability is to be able to switch bodies with the person you are destined to be with when you touch a certain spot. Kohanamaru can only switch by kissing and his fated partner Nanao likes another that turns out to be Kohanamarursquos twin brother Konatsu. Through the series Kohanamaru develops feelings for Nanao. Also through out the series it is revealed that if the partners switched they must return to normal before sunset or they will be stuck in each others bodies forever. This unfortunate event befell upon Kohanamaru and Nanao and remained like that until they discovered a solution to return to normal. Near the end of the series Kohanamaru loses his memories of Nanao shortly after he confesses his love to her. Everyone in his family tries to help Kohanamaru remember to no avail. His memories of her remain lost. Until the end of the chapter Kohanamaru bids farewell to Nanao stating he was glad to see her before he left for a trip with his father and leaves Nanao. Three years later Kohanamaru runs into Nanao in the same fashion like the first time they met and share an accidental kiss at the airport. They switch bodies and Nanao hugs him happy to see him once again he hugs her back showing some evidence that during his absence he regained his memories of Nanao. from Wikipedia