ランボ, Stupid Cow, Crybaby Lambo, Bomber Head Lambo
Age: 5 15 25 adult Gender: Male Date of Birth: May 28 Nationality: Japanese/Italian Blood Type: A Favorite Food: Grapes and Candies Mafia: Vongola/Bovino Occupation: Assassin Vongola Ring: Ring of Thunder Box Weapon: Gyuudon Vongola Lightning Bull aka Beef Bowl Lambo is a hitman assassin from Italys Bovino family. He is also the self proclaimed rival of Reborn. His main choice of weapons are hand grenades and horns and his future dream is to rule the world. Lambo dresses in a cow suit complete with a tail and has a huge afro with horns on the sides of his head which gives him the appearance of a bison. Hes a pretty good resistance against lightning Although he claims to be the Great Lambo Lambo is a total crybaby. Because of that he occasionally uses the Ten Year Bazooka to switch places with his 10 year older alternative. But it is seen that even 10 years older Lambo is still a complete crybaby and unable to beat Reborn. Though if he uses the Ten Year Bazooka again he becomes very powerful.