ビアンキ, Poison Scorpion Bianchi
Age: 17 27 in the future Birthday: November 8 Famiglia: Associated with the Vongola Famiglia Partner: Reborn Weapons: Poison Cooking Box Anima: Storm Scorpions Scorpione de Tempesta Flame: Storm Blood Type: AB Height: 165 cm Weight: 49 kg Three sizes: 865787 Bianchi is Hayato039s halfsister they share the same father. Bianchi known as quotPoison Scorpion Bianchiquot in the Mafia underground specializes in Poison Cooking a technique that turns any food she makes into poison regardless of whether or not it039s intentional. Bianchi herself is immune to Poison Cooking and believes that she is quite an excellent cook. She is in love with Reborn who was a former associate of hers and wants to kill Tsuna to free up Reborn039s schedule though she refuses to kill him for the benefit of others. She cares deeply for her half brother Gokudera always attempting to help him is is happy if he shows signs of caring for her. As she gets to know Tsuna she becomes more caring of the Vongola as shown in the future. In the future she would act as an older sister for Haru and Kyoko and showing concern for Chrome hinting at a kind side to her.