ハンナキー, Tia Safalin, 涙人形 ハンナキー (Crying Doll, Hannaki)
Safalin is thin with an hourglass figure. She has shoulderlength green hair with a whipped cream looking substance dripping from the top of her head. She has large green eyes which are usually seen with exaggeratedly large tears dripping down from them and dark tired eyebags. She is most often seen wearing a timid expression with quivering lips.Her outfit is reminiscent of melon cream soda. Safalin wears a large collared vanilla cream and green colored tube dress with a frothy design. Her lopsided blue hat has a swirly softserve style decoration with a cherry on the side and a doctors mirror on the rim. Her hat also has a blue and white striped straw sticking out from the top. She has a blue ribbon wrapped symmetrically around her arms and neck and wears thighhigh green socks with cream accents. Source: Your Time to Die wiki