Inori Yamabuki

山吹祈里, Cure Pine,Buki

A 14-year-old schoolgirl at Christian Private White Clover Academy. She is an animal lover, aspiring to be a veterinarian. Love tends to call her "Buki", the diminutive of her family name. She may look calm and quiet, but actually suffers from low self-esteem. In order to improve herself, she joins the dancing group with Love. She sometimes lacks common sense and just goes with whatever situation she finds herself in. Her hair is a golden orange colour that brightens to rusty blonde in cure form. Her Pickrun, the Kirun, is yellow and has horns on its head. Pine's theme colours are yellow and orange and her symbol is the diamond. Transformation and Ending Speech: Change, Pretty Cure! Beat up! The yellow heart is the symbol of prayers! Freshly-harvested fresh, Cure Pine! (Chenji! Purikyua! Bīto Uppu! Ierō no Hāto wa Inori no Shirushi! Toretate Fureshu, Kyua Pain!) Attack: Nasty things, Nasty things, fly away! Pretty Cure! Healing Prayer! (悪いの悪いの飛んでいけ! プリキュア・ヒーリング・プレアー!, Warui no, warui no, tondeike! Purikyua! Hiringu Pureā!) * Power Up with the Pine Flute: Flutter, the harmony of prayers, Cure Stick, Pine Flute! Nasty things, bad things, fly away! Pretty Cure! Healing Prayer Fresh! (癒せ 祈りのハーモニー! キュアスティック、 パインフルート! 悪いの悪いの飛んでいけ! プリキュア・ヒーリング・プレアー・フレッシュ!, Iyase inori no Haamoni, Kyua Sutīku, Pain Furuto! Warui no, warui no, tondeike! Purikyua! Hiringu Pureā Furēshu!)