ロムルス, The Divine Ancestor, King of Nation Building, Romulus-Quirinius
Romulus is the founding father of Rome. Romulus was born in Alba Longa an ancient Latin city near what would be the site of Romes foundation. He and his brother Remus were said to be the sons of the God Mars and the vestal virgin Rhea Silvia daughter of the Alba Longan King. When the Kings brother usurped the throne the two brothers were abandoned on the banks of the Tiber river to die. Tiberinus God of the River saved them and the brothers grew up nourished by a shewolf who treated them as her cubs. When of age the two brothers waged war against Alba Longa and reinstated their grandfather as King they then left to found a city off their own but contention erupted between them and Romulus killed his brother. Romulus founded the StateCity of Rome and reigned for many years until one day he disappeared. He was deified as RomulusQuirinus God protector of Rome. As RomulusQuirinus he wields the title of Grand Lancer.