Alexandra Dorohovitch

アレクサンドラ・ドロホヴィチ, Arekusandora Dorohovichi
She is the Russian wife of Shingo Hachiken and the sisterinlaw of Ygo Hachiken. Not much is known about Alexandra due to limited observation. Alex is of Russian descent and somehow mastered Japanese and traveled around Japan. Upon a random chance of bumping into Shingo Hachiken the two fell in love and decided to get married. While not completely proven it has been suggested that Alexandra is the older spouse in the relationship as shes able to recall the fall of the Soviet Union at least late 1980s when she was little. She has displayed a very affectionate personality fully embracing Hachiken as a family member and love for animals. She also revealed she comes from a agriculture background as well and has experience horseback riding. Source: Siver Spoon wiki