Age: 23 Race: Killer Whale Sadeena was born and grew up in Qten Lo islands in a special lineage related to the devotion of the God Water Dragon and the Heavenly Emperor. At some point in her adolescence she became the head priest of the Water Dragon and became friends with the heir of Qten Lo throne Raphtalias father. After that under unknown circumstances she decided to follow Raphtalias parents when they decided to elope from the country leaving behind her old life. After leaving their country she and Raphtalias parents settle down in Melromarcs Seaetto territory as the governor was receiving great quantities of immigrants as part of the Queens initiative to create a Demihuman protected district. Once she rescued Keel from drowning in the ocean. Sadeena went far away for fishing in times of wave unable to return in time to rescue the villagers. Raphtalia and the surviving villagers believe that the catastrophe of the wave and its monster could be subsumed if Sadeena was present. Sadeena herself regrets not being there in the village in times of the wave.