バラン, 光帝バラン (Koutei Baran), Baran the Emperor of Light
As a boy he tended to his ill little sister Yuka. Due to his sisters piety she refused to take the medicine hed stolen for her and died. This tragedy caused Baran to despise God and all that he stood for. When he met Raoh on the battlefield he was awestruck by the mans power and begged Raoh to teach him Hokuto Shinken such as the Gousho Ha technique to take revenge on God. Raoh declined as Hokuto Shinken is only passed from father to son and told Baran his only choice was to learn it through observation. One fateful day Raoh and his army passed a ruined village where they found a young girl who was catatonic. Taking pity on her Baran gave her his cloak however Raoh ordered him to end her suffering. Baran couldnt do it and Raoh deserted him. Kenshiro Ryu Raohs son and Satora travel to Blanca where they discover Baran rules the country under the title of Ktei Emperor of Light using the secrets of Hokuto Shinken to convince people he is a messiah. Baran also keeps the Princess Luseli Satoras fiance prisoner as she bears a resemblance to his little sister and protects her against her will. Kenshiro overcomes Baran with the true Gousho Ha technique and Baran admits defeat after being moved by Ryus attempt to sacrifice himself to stop the madness. After restoring the true king of Blanca he allows the people of Blanca to execute him as a false messiah. Kenshiro remarks that Barans sacrifice has shown Ryu the way of heroism in Raohs place. Source: Hokuto Renkitza wiki