モンスター, Tarzan, Kouichi Hoshi, Tanigawa, Billy, Lord Gondola
Despite his name Monster is the epitome of the handsome leading man. Early on in his career he was cast as a bit of a bad boy good looking but a bit uncouth and rough around the edges in protagonist roles such as heroes of the jungle or the wild west. However in his later appearances he took on the much more traditional roles of a sophisticated leading man such as an urban movie star a handsome love interest or a dashing secret agent. Although his debut role was as Tarzan in Secret Base on the Shari River 1948 it was his role as the handsome young Indian Native American brave Monster in Angel Gunfighter 1949 that stuck as his stage name perhaps due to the controversial kissing scene said to be the first such scene to appear in childrens manga that resulted in Tezuka being hit with sharp criticism and even threats. Of course Monster has also had memorable roles as the movie star in Rags Jewels 1957 as Princess Lunas love interest in Angels Hill 196061 and as Kouichi Hoshi in Wonder 3 196566. Source: Tezukainenglish