オッサン, Dr. Chinchikurin, Sado Okesa, Marmeladov, John Flip of yea, Punch
Although he started out as another of Tezukas cadre of scientists Ossan wasnt able to keep pace against the likes of Butaru Makeru Dr. Hanamaru or Dr. Ochanomizu and soon found himself relegated to subservient roles in the background. Despite this setback he continued to thrive in bit parts as servants police officers reporters or simply just men in the crowd. He made his debut in Golden Bat 1947 in the role of the scientist Dr. Chinchikurin and was memorable as the scientist in The Mysterious Underground Men 1948 however by the time he appeared in Metropolis 1949 he was cast as Dr. Lawtons servant. His memorable role as the loveable drunkard Marmeladov in Crime and Punishment 1953 seems to have been a turning point in his career with most of the roles that followed simple walkons or oneliners. Ossan is primarily based on the Japanese actor Minoru Takase who is known for his catchphrase anone ossan. In fact in The World of the Queen from a Thousand Years in the Future 1948 and White Pilot 1961 Ossan himself actually says Takases famous line Hey listen pops youre killing me. However it should be noted that in footnotes regarding the mob scene he appears in inThe Mysterious Underground Men 1948 Tezuka wrote the faces of all of the characters of this scene originated from Milt Gross so it is believed that in the process of development of Ossan as a manga character the likeness of Minoru Takase was combined with Milt Gross characters to created something new. Source: Tezukainenglish