カルピス, Tac, Tuck
Named after a popular softdrink in Japan Kalpis is one half of the comedic duo Ramune Kalpis also commonly known as Tick Tuck modeled after classic American comedians Abbott Costello. Usually depicted as happygolucky but bumbling henchmen or assistants Ramune Kalpis often make an appearance when the story is in danger of becoming overly serious or dark. Kalpis is usually the butt of the joke often set up by Ramune for the punch line. Hes the short fat Costello to Ramunes tall skinny Abbott. Although purposefully not designed to have much of a personality on his own as the comedian in the relationship certain character traits have emerged. Almost childlike in his demeanur he is extremely loyal to Ramune and is lost without him. Much like a little bother this often leads to him being bossed around by Ramune. Although he likes to be considerate of others his petty greed often gets the best of him. Primarily goodnatured his cheerful dispositon can disappear into a blustering and bumbling rage if provoked. Source: Tezukainenglish