Norse Necktall

Norse Necktall easily identifiable by both his long neck and strangely shaped face as well as by the large cigar held in his mouth at all times would at first glance appear to be a solely comedic character. However despite his rather goofy appearance Norse Necktall usually plays either administrative or mediarelated roles. He is a somewhat shady figure and often misguided in his support of the wrong side though rarely if ever outright evil. This is evident in his role in Metropolis 1949 where he appears as a minor member of the Red Party but not as someone who does great harm through the politics of the group. Besides this role he is a nearconstant presence in important Tezuka works. He has appearances in Next World 1951 Lion Books 195657 Astro Boy 195268 Wonder 3 196566 Dororo 196769 The Crater 196970 Alabaster 197071 Black Jack 197383 ThreeEyed One 197478 and Rainbow Parakeet 198182 among others. Source: Tezukainenglish