Noir Stardia

Race: Human Age: 16 Natural Skill: Great Sage originally caused terrible headaches when using it Skills: Get Creative Bestow Editor LP Conversion Discerning Eye Headache Immunity Appraisal Excavation Improving Back Step Passive Defense Shoulder Rub Deodorization Lucky Lecher Night Vision Throwing B Hearing Protection. Courage Item LP Conversion. Paralysis Immunity C Dancing Diving Zero Breathing Heat Resistance A Poison Resistance A Jump A Dismantle Organics Alchemy B Petrification Resistance A Archery S Eyesight Adjustment Magic: Stone Bullet Pocket Dimension C Dungeon Elevator Holy Flame Purification Blinding Light Magic Fusion Lightning Strike Water Drop Ice Needle Ice Sphere Thunderbolt Explosive Arrow Hes the main character of the series. Hes the son of a baronet the lowest caste for a noble and is Emmas childhood friend. He lost his job but became an adventurer and wants to pass the exam to enter the Hero Academy. He gained a lot of new skills and abilities from Olivia Servant his master trapped in the Unending Dungeon. Noir is a good young man who is usually serious but occasionally tends to be venomous. Because he looks like a good man and for being a baronet Noir is often overlooked or disrespected by people who dont know his abilities or personality. He is cautious and timid as he admits himself. He is also naive and although he has been favored by several women he is completely unaware.