Ji-Hoon Lee

이지훈, Master Swordsman, Blade Master, The Best Swordsman-Hyung, Ji-Hun Lee
Lee JiHoon known as The Best Swordsman is a player in Lucid Adventure. He was the Vice Guild Master of the Zara Guild and is the Guild Master of Grass Roots Guild. After Zara Guild disbanded he formed the Grass Roots Guild and plans to complete the Absolute Quest to honour Armes memory. Two years before the start of the series The Best Swordsman was the Rank no.3 under Gigas Ranking System but lost his ranking after getting defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a PvP duel. Despite his loss he was still one of the Top Rankers in the game. He was a Blade Master in season 1 and one of the strongest characters in the game. Post timeskip The Best Swordsman has become even stronger. He has completed his 5th job advancement to become a Master Swordsman. By the start of The Great War he was confirmed to be Ranked No.4 under the Lucid Ball Ranking System. Along with the Grass Roots Guild The Best Swordsman has joined up with Dark to find the missing Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Source: Hardcore Leveling Warrior wiki