Chikusa Kakimoto

柿本千種 , Kakipi, Glasses Fairy-san
Age: 14 24in the future Birthday: October 26 Scorpio Blood Type: AB Height: 182cm Weight: 66kg Chikusa Kakimoto is referred to as Kakipi by Ken and M.M. He seems to love taking showers and staying clean and often tells Ken to take one himself. He wears a green Kokuyo Middle uniform glasses and a white beanie with a barcode on his left cheek and a bandage on his right. But that belies his real talent as a professional assassin using his deadly quotHedgehogquot yoyo039s to spray his opponents with poisoned needles. He is also able to expertly control where he throws his Weapons to accurately shower his opponent with them. Unlike Ken Chikusa rarely speaks and is mostly quiet. He talks only if necessary though he is often shown to argue with Ken. Like Ken he also cares for Chrome but never shows this openly and sometimes quotteasesquot Ken who always denies his feelings of concern for Chrome. He has been Mukuro039s subordinate since childhood along with Ken and is extremely loyal to him. He will follow any of Mukuro039s orders and is willing to sacrifice his life for him.