Takuya Kanbara

Takuya Kanbara is the main character in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. In this series a group of chosen human children are given the ability to turn into Digimon. Takuya is the leader of this group and is given the Spirits of Flame at the beginning of the series. He is in the fifth grade sixth grade in the dubbed version. Takuyas story starts when he receives a mysterious SMS message on his mobile phone one afternoon on his brothers birthday conviently. The message instructs him to go to a subway station where a Trailmon took him and four other human children into the Digital World. Takuya begins the series as a typical goggle boy only he wears a hat underneath his gray and square gogglesenergetic and athletic but tending to act without thinking and very stubborn. He has a strong sense of justice and tries to use his power to do what he believes is right. His hotheaded personality often leads to him arguing with Koji Minamoto another of Digimon Frontiers main characters. However they learn to respect each other toward the middle of the series after their first encounter with Duskmon and become good friends and partners in battle. He acts like an older brother to Tommy Himi who reminds him of his real brother Shinya. Takuya also makes an appearance in a special chapter of the Digimon manga VTamer 01 where he teams up with Tai to fight Metamormon. Source: Wikipedia