チルチル, Chiru Chiru
A kindly and gentle fatherfigure Chiruchiru is slow to anger. However that doesnt mean hes a pushover. Despite his droopy rollypolly exterior he has the stalwart heart of a lion especially when hes protecting his cubs. He approaches his tasks with a solid determination to get the job done and as such he is usually cast in roles of quiet authority. Although he is most associated with his namesake role in The Wonderful Journey 1950 he actually first appeared in the early version of The Moony Men Fuji Shobo 1948 as Dr. Mangetsu a wholly appropriate casting considering the name means Dr. Fullmoon in English. However when Tezuka rewrote the story as The Mooney Men Manga Shonen 1951 he lost the role to his roundfaced rival Mokusan. He has also had a memorable role as the Martian homesteader Mr. Hoshino in Captain Ken 196061 among many others. Source: Tezukainenglish