デブン, Debun
As unscrupulous as he is greedy Deven is a true professional when it comes to playing crooked politicians and corrupt captains of industry. As such he is usually cast as the main villain in a story often with a gang of henchmen such as Acetylene Lamp or Hamegg ready to do his bidding so that he doesnt need to sully his hands directly. While his debut as the evil Mayor Deven in Captain Ken 196061 is his most famous and namesake role he has also been featured prominently in Black Jack 197383 The ThreeEyed One 197478 and Rainbow Parakeet 198081. To Japanese ears Deven phonetically Debun invokes a common insult debu which means Fatso. Is it a portmanteau with the word seven? Or was n added simply at the authors whim? While he bears a striking resemblance to Rommel you can spot Deven by his bald bulletshaped head omnipresent cigar and freckled age spots on his cheeks. Source: Tezuka in English