Recca Hanabishi


Recca is a teenager obsessed with ninja and anything related to ninja. He declared that he would serve anyone who could defeat him in a fight as his/her loyal ninja.

In truth, Recca was born the second son of Ouka, the leader of the Hokage ninja clan that existed over 400 years ago. Recca's older half-brother, Kurei, was supposed to be the heir to the leadership because he was the eldest and was born with the ability to control fire, but Recca also exhibited the same abilities as an infant, and is declared the true heir of the Hokage leadership. In an attempt to save him during the slaughter of the Hokage ninja clan (led by Oda Nobunaga), his mother (Kagerō) used a forbidden technique that opened a portal that would transport him into the future, where the Flame of Recca storyline begins. Recca's flame power is derived from eight Flame Dragons (referred to as Karyū in the Japanese version), and his powers were apparently so strong that they had to be sealed with a wrist guard. In the final parts of the series, it is revealed that he is not even a flame wielder as his flame has no form.

(from wikipedia)