Marukubi Boon

丸首ブーン, Ryu, Minister Siegfried, Oniishi Taizo, Hibukuro, Pierre Ortan, Dr. Katagiri, Inspector Harry, Richard Waterman, Mr. Niwa, Jose Garcia, Kazuo, Kezunehiko, Kato Kiyomasa
He is one of Tezukas most oftenused stars typically playing a thug or gangsters and commonly appearing as a secondary antagonist or supporting character rather than villain. He is a frequent cohort of Tezukas other rogues such as Skunk Kusai Acetylene Lamp and/or Hamegg though generally less intelligent and more prone to direct violence a trait which often leads to him being used by the others. First appearing in Astro Boy 195268 Marukubi Boon as appeared in almost every major Tezuka series including 14 appearances over the course of Black Jack 197383 alone. Modelled after French actor Lino Ventura Marukubi Boon is easily recognizable by his thick bull neck thick black eyebrows and the dark semicircles under his large eyes. Source: Tezuka In English In Dororo