Jochin Odawara

小田原丁珍, Jushiro Odawara, Yoshioka Kenpo, Bukkira Bow, Makuwa Chubei
Although a minor Star Odawara Jochin is a specialist at playing the somewhat innocuous buddy role. With his ability to lend an ear and/or doll out some sound advice he has had a long successful career of being cast in roles such as teachers doctors researchers and classmates. However hes also had success in roles on both sides of the law able to play both a villains henchman and a cops partner with the same even keel. He made his debut as the samurai Jushiro Odawara in Goto Matabei 1954 and went on to play a number of roles in wellknown Tezuka works such as Astro Boy 195268 Dororo 196769 and Black Jack 197383. However he is probably best known for his role as Odawara Jochin a semiregular cast member of Rainbow Parakeet 198182. Although he is named after an Odawara jochin a type of collapsible paper lantern that originated in the Odawara region of Japan the connection is a tenuous one. In fact his moniker is really a case of name by association. Early in his career he appeared in the Astro Boy 195268 chapter S.O.S. From A Satellite 1959 as one of the henchmen reporting to Boss Jochin who was later renamed Boss Odawara when the story was collected in book form a gangster who wore a suit with many folds resembling a chochin. Yet despite the clever visual gag the boss didnt really have what it took to be a Star and faded into obscurity. However in a surprising and rare twist his henchman went on to have a long career usurping the name Odawara Jochin in the process. Odawara is easy to pick out of a crowd with his uniquely gourdshaped head small round nose and the generous amount of pockmarks on his cheeks. Source: Tezuka in English