Heck Ben

ヘック・ベン, Ono Tendo, Chancellor Richelieu, Major Ben, Nango Rikimaru, Sanko
Heck Ben is a popular recurring supporting villain with a vaguely cowboyish style a holdover from his first appearance. Although he is usually a man of few words he is a master at delivering a sinister silence that can ramp the tension up in any scene hes in. Despite never playing the lead he has appeared in many Tezuka series typically in the role of a burgler gangmember or drug smuggler. He first appeared in The Cactus Kid 195154 and he went on to appear in Astro Boy 195268 and Storm Fairy 1955. He has also appeared numerous times in Lion Books 195657 Black Jack 197383 and Rainbow Parakeet 198182 among many others. Based on the American actor Tom Tyler best known for his leading roles in lowbudget Western films you can usually spot Heck Ben by his sneering eyes and slightly hooked nose. Source: Tezuka in English