Geta Keibu

下田警部, Inspector Geta
Possibly the most typecast of all of Tezukas Stars Hanao Geta almost exclusively appears as a police inspector/detective. In fact in Tezukas manga Inspector Geta more or less IS the long arm of the law with the role only occaisionally going to Tawashi or Murai. On those rare occasions when he is not playing a police officer he is usually cast in some equally morally sound role as a conscientious ships captain school teacher or newspaper reporter etc. His debut was in the sciencefiction shortstory The Black Space Ray in Lion Books 195657 and his subsequent series credits range from the lighthearted such as Astro Boy 195268 to the gritty and even gruesome such as Ayako 197273 in tone. Although his roles are usually supporting ones he has had many memorable ones including trying to track down the insidious Makube Rokuro in Vampires 196667 and playing Police Inspector Senris father in Rainbow Parakeet 198182 to name just two. Inspector Hanao Getas name is derived from the Japanese words for a wooden sandal geta with a cloth toe strap hanao. So a literal translation of his name in English might be Detective Clothstrap Clogs. With his tall powerful physique only partially hidden by his trademarked suitntienfedora look there is no mistaking Inspector Geta as anything but a hardboiled cop. Although he is based on both the American comicstrip character Dick Tracy with a fair bit of the Fleischer Bros. Superman/Clark Kent thrown in for good measure his square jaw is reminiscent of his namesake Japanese wooden sandal geta so much so that during one memorable scene in Vampires 196667 his entire face is suddenly replaced with an actual geta and none of the characters even notice. Source: Tezuka In English