Kojirou Sasaki

佐々木小次郎, Kojiro Sasaki, Wareta, Larry Reaper, Dr. Yo
Based on the reallife Japanese master swordsman from whom he gets his name the primary characteristics which distinguish Kojiro Sasaki are his energy his quick temper and the skill and constancy with which he handles a usually bamboo sword. Although his first appearance was in Benkei 1954 his breakout and namesake role was in Oh We Three 1956. He puts a sense of fun into a scene in which he appears including or particularly when the sword is conspicuously outofplace. In addition to many roles in Black Jack 197383 he has appeared in The Crater 196970 Rainbow Parakeet 198182 and Lion Books 197173 a few times each plus many appearances in other lesserknown Tezuka manga series. He also appears in anime TV Special The Undersea Supertrain: Marine Express 1979 which is an excellent example of his seeming incongruous as a classic Japanese swordsman in a futuristic setting. Source: Tezuka In English