ボローキン, Borozokin, No. 9721, Ligniere, Riofu
A bit of a roughneck ruffian and a drunkard Bolorkin usually finds himself cast in the rough and tumble roles of a dock worker a cowboy or a slavetrader. His drinking seems to have been a careerlimiting factor though as many of his later appearances are simply bit parts in the background or as part of the crowd. His first appearance is as the drunken ship cleaner Borozokin in King Rocket 1948 however he has also had memorable roles as the cowboy No. 9721 in The Golden City 1950 and as Colonel Bolorkin of the Uran Federation in Next World 1951 among others. One of the more visually distinctive stars he is easily distinguishable by his pencil moustache and squinty squigglyline eyes. Source: Tezuka In English