アッゴー, Aggou
The consummate lawman Aggo is upstanding and righteous but he is also hot tempered and quick to anger with a slight weakness for alcohol even though the merest drop will put him to sleep. Despite his character flaws Aggo is almost always cast as an authority figure. Early in his career he was most often seen as a Sherrif in the Old West but later on he expanded his range to take on roles more fatherfigure roles such as a school principle or a doctor. Aggo first appeared as the Sherrif in The Cactus Kid 195154 a role he would reprise again in both Fossil Island 1951 and Black Canyon 1954. He has also appeared a few times in Black Jack 197383 not to mention in several other minor roles. Aggo appropriately enough has his name derived from ago the Japanese word meaning chin. With his white tufty moustache balding head and a chin that takes up 2/3 of his head he is easy to recognize. However a word of caution even though he lacks the goatee he is sometimes confused with the King from Faust because they both have such enormous chins. Source: Tezuka In English