Issen Hage

ー銭ハゲ, Peter Lorre, Yoko Ichimura
Another of Tezukas fillin cast Issen Hage is a specialist at playing twobit crooks and other neerdowells. Selfserving and lazy rather than actually evil he usually finds himself in a supporting role as a member of a band of crooks or a nameless henchman under the control of the primary villain often Hamegg. One of Tezukas older Stars Issen Hage first appeared in the amateur work Old Mans Treasure Island 1945. However he had to wait until Fossil Island 1951 to get his first gig in a commercial work. Although he has appeared in several of Tezukas manga tales one of his most memorable roles was as Peter Lorre named after the actor in Age of Adventure 195153. Issen Hages name is a compound of the Japanese words issen a coin roughly equivalent to a penny and hage which means bald spot. So in English his name would roughly translate to Penny Baldspot. It is worth noting that after the sen coins were taken out of circulation in Japan in 1953 he was also sometimes referred to Ichien Hage lit. one yen bald spot. Either way the pun remains intact. As his name suggests his most distinguishing feature is the small round white dot or bald spot supposedly about the size of an issen coin on the side of his head. Source: Tezuka In English