Nonki Megane

ノンキメガネ, Ryokan
Nonki Megane is a career minor role player usually cast as one of the sailors/soldiers/staff members or someone elses assistant. Assumed to be based on Yutaka Aso one of mangas pioneers and creator of a popular strip known as Nonki na Tousan 1923 Easygoing Daddy his own easygoing demeanour as a wellintentioned bumbler seem a good match. Although his debut in a commercial work came when he appeared as one of the members of the military unit in Mr. Cactus 195154 he is actually quite a bit older. Evidence from Tezukas boyhood manga works seem to suggest that he was an early partner to scrappy detective Higeoyaji something which was later echoed in Astro Boy 195268 when he took on what is probably his most wellknown role as the Principal at Astro Boys school where Shunsaku Ban also happens to work as a teacher. Nonki Meganes name is a compound of the Japanese words nonki meaning relaxed or not in a hurry and megane which means glasses or spectacles. So in English his name would roughly translate to Easygoing Glasses. Although his large round glasses and spotted nose are visually very similar to Osamu Tezukas own inmanga appearance Nonki Megane is actually relatively easy to recognize by his bald head and especially by his broomstick moustache. Source: Tezuka In English