Noboru Baba

馬場のぼる, Frankenstein, Tanuki monk, Shishido Baiken, Yakiimoya
Born in Aomori Prefecture in October 1927 Noboru Baba moved to Tokyo in 1949 to begin a career as a manga artist soon making a name for himself drawing manga for young boys. However in Tezukas manga he seems to have fallen on hard times and is most often cast in the role of a beggar or vagrant. Although he usually finds himself relegated to small background roles he is a specialist in dolling out bits of sage advice. Much like fellow manga artist Eiichi Fukui although Noboru Baba was a contemporary of Osamu Tezuka he was also a minor star in his own right. Following his debut in the Astro Boy 195268 chapter Frankenstein 1952 he made many appearances including memorable ones as a shady monk in The Devil of the Earth 1954 and as Shinichi Hoshis teacher in Wonder 3 196566 among many others. Modeled after the reallife manga artist Noboru Baba is easy to spot as a tall thin middleaged man with droopy eyes and a scruffy moustache. Source: Tezuka In English edited