大助, Eizo and Eiji
Despite being a bit dimwitted Daisuke made a career out of playing an earnest and wellmeaning but slightly bumbling school boy. Loyal to a fault he is almost universally cast as a friend to the main protagonist. However despite his best intentions his attempts to help usually find a way to go astray and he is just as likely to cause more trouble as get out of it. His debut and namesake role came when he was cast as Rocks friend Daisuke in The Adventure of Rock 195254. However he is probably best remembered for having played both sides of polaropposite twin brother Eizo and Eiji in The Devil of the Earth 1954. He also pops up in Captain Ken 196061 as a nameless informant among several other roles. Usually wearing his patented blackwithlargewhiteroundbuttons school uniform Daisuke is a chubby boy with short spiked black hair. He is often seen wearing a slightly bemused expression.